Monday, 2 January 2012

Long time, No Post. Apologies.


Well, I haven't posted for a while, and for that, I apologise. :)
Well it is a New Year, and in two days I shall be sixteen. Legal, in certain circumstances, like having the right to buy a lottery ticket. ;)

I had a good Christmas, consisting of:
The Inbetweeners Movie
Red Riding Hood
Water For Elephants
Greg Davies Stand Up DVD
Russell Howard Stand Up

Twilight Graphic Novel
Breaking Dawn Illustrated Companion
Catching Fire&Mockingjay
Amazon Kindle

Other things:
Stitch Phone Holder
Stitch Keyring
Stitch notebook
2 Stitch pens
I<3Abby (NCIS) PJs
Abby Skull T Shirt

There are other things but I can't be bothered to list EVERYTHING :P

My next post will be about my AMAZING encounter with 100 Monkeys. <3

MiniAliceSciuto <3

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