Sunday, 23 September 2012


Hey guys!

I'm converting from blogger to wordpress.

Sorry, I love blogger but I just generally prefer wordpress, I've used it before :)

Cheerio my lovelies, and boogie on over to :)

Mini Alice xox

Monday, 20 August 2012

What I'm Lovin' - 20th August 2012

Hey guys!

Today's thing I'm loving is...

Ashley's painting from the Do Something awards! :)

Ashley attended these awards last night in LA, and she painted this pretty glittery picture! Who knew she was a wonderful artist, talented actress, amazing role model and generally BEAUTIFUL inside and out human being? She just gets better and better :) Plus, her signature is cute <3

Her dress looked beautiful, not sure if it's Donna Karan or another designer as of yet, I'm sure we'll find out soon.

I picked out a couple cute pictures of Ashley at the awards, both arrivals and when presenting an award. She looks beautiful :) Thanks for the photos :)

Looking amazing, as usual!

Mini Alice xox

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I have been contacted....

Yes. I've been contacted.

I was asleep in bed last night and a funny light lifted me from the house into their spaceship. Then they wiped my memory and took me back.

Nah, I'm not into that alien shit either.

In truthfulness, I was contacted, but not by a green person probing stuff into my mind or that shit.
sorry, I keep saying shit.

I was in fact contacted by the old fashioned method of postcard. Which I saw on Lorraine this morning, they're apparently dying out. Just for that, DAMN YOU SMARTPHONES! Otherwise, I love smartphones.

Who contacted me by postcard I hear you squeal?

Well squealy person, first of all, only piggies squeal.

Secondly, squealy person, I was contacted by none other than secondary female protagonist (or I think so anyway) of the Twilight saga, Alice Cullen.


I thought she was purely a fictional being.

Not according to this:

Seems legit ;)


Wow, I've never used that expression before. Well, theres a first time for everything.

Mini Alice xox

What I'm Loving This Week.

Hey guyss!

I've decided to do a blogpost every week, just to highlight something I've been lovin' loads!

It could be ANYTHING, knowing me. A song, TV show, film, something Ashley wore, an animal, literally anything.

I'll post it up onto my Facebook page (Mini Alice's Cosplay Shennanigans) as well :)

I won't set a fixed day. Because that means almost definitely I won't stick to it. I'll try to do it once a week, yet this may also not happen. I either forget or just cannot stay committed. I suck.

This weeks lovin' is:

Fear by Pauley Perrette:

Yup. Most of you probably know I adore the actress Pauley Perrette. She plays the amazing Abby Sciuto in NCIS, and is generally an amazing role model. Her and Ashley together make one perfect idol to look up to.
This song brings back amazing memories of almost a year ago. I sang a cover of this song, put it onto Youtube and I had the AMAZING luck of Pauley herself seeing that video! On the 21st August, I had one of the biggest shocks of my life, looking at a text I had just recieved on Twitter.
The tweet read:

I don't think I was more overwhelmed in my life, until Ashley tweeted me.

What made Pauley's tweet more special was the fact that she doesn't reply to fans. Ever. She's not allowed. Yet she took the time to listen to me sing, and then tweet me? It's just amazing of her to do that.

So, that's the story behind this weeks lovin'. It's almost been a year since I got that tweet, so I guess thats why it's this week's. That and I just listened to it.

Until next time,

Mini Alice xo

Monday, 13 August 2012

Cosplay Updates

Hey guys!

So it's getting slowly closer to ET8, ad I've been busy busy busy sewing. There's rarely a moment when I'm not sewing...except right now. I'm typing. I'm not Stitch, I don't have four arms :P

I've FINALLY finished my baseball costume. This would usually lead to "LETS DO SOME COSPLAY PICTURES QUICK! OUTSIDE! POSE! POSE!" but the sun makes me lazy (my new excuse for everything), and I just did one picture. No vampire make up.

Ta daaaahh!

I need a field or a forest to do some pictures in....unfortunately I don't have a place in mind that I could go to without being stared it. Shame.

Next I decided to work on my bridesmaid dress. First I was just going to paint the rest of the dress with the silver lines, but then I decided to replace ALL the ribbon trimming with some lace, as it's less subtle than the ribbon. I then decided that the lace was too thick and the trimming had to be a lot thinner in width, so I cut that too.

This is what it looked like with the ribbon:

And after looking at the real dress for a while, I decided it looked all wrong!

First, yup, I know, the dress is too pale and too pink, but theres nothing I can do! But colours aside, the trimming really isn't so prominent. It's just a little bit of trimming that isn't meant to be overly noticeable.

So now I've changed it and done this:

The trimming is the colour the dress should be ahahah, but anyway...ta daah! It looks so much better, there will be more lace lining the neckline. I've left some ribbon in there, but it's quite layered in that neckline. I still have the feathers to put on! :)

More updates soon :)

Mini Alice xoxo

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

DKNY - My new (expensive) craze.

I would like to thank Ashley Greene for making me want $300 dresses and the like. Thanks Ashley. Thanks a bunch lady! <3

It all began way back in 2011 (possibly earlier) when Donna Karan started making Ashley dresses for events. Like, personally making them, not from a collection, MAKING THEM FOR HER, although Ashley has worn some collection pieces too! So yes. Ashley was pretty lucky to have such a cool designer on hand! :)

Some examples of Donna's magical creations for Ashley are:
Breaking Dawn Part 1 World premiere - 2011.
One of my favourite dresses Donna's made. AMAZING!

MET Ball -2011
I was blown away with this dress, it's just incredible!

Avon Gala - 2011
It's blue. It's shiny. It's pretty. It's sleek. It's sexy.
It makes Ashley look darn more beautiful than she already is, and she's already FLAWLESS.

MET Ball - 2012
I literally thought an angel had fallen from heaven. Did it hurt, Ashley?

Breaking Dawn Part 1 New York Premiere (same bloody day as the UK premiere!) - 2011
It's a unique design, making Ashley look ultra-slim and just awesome. Knocked Nikki Reed's icky green thing out the park.

Young Hollywood Awards - 2012.
I was pretty surprised she wasn't wearing a dress, it's awesome! Gives her an AH-MAZ-ING figure (as if she didn't have one already...) and her hair looks lovely, her make up looks lovely. So also well done to Ted Gibson and Mark cosmetics there ;)

So then in December 2011, the news came that she'd become the FACE of DKNY. Now that's pretty awesome, but to us Ashers, I guess it wasn't much of a suprise, as the lovely Donna Karan had clearly been a friend for a while!

So we got these beautiful pictures:

Uh-huh. Yup. Even I questioned my sexuality. Now wipe the drool from your face and lets move on.
Ashley turned up in the infamous Times Square in a rather fetching red fur coat to promote/present or whatever she was doing with the MAHOOSIVE new billboard up slap bang in the middle of Times Square.

Little fun fact:

It was up in Times Square for New Years. And so I was sad enough to do this:
Yup. I went on youtube to find a video of the ball dropping in Times Square, screencapped this shot and circled Ashley ;)

Soon enough, we got MORE photos, some ad campaign videos, and more questioning of the sexuality.

PRETTY! Is all I can say. Although pretty doesn't really do it justice.

Another "fun" fact. Ashley was spotted this year wearing the pink dress she modelled!

That dress is pretty. And her dogs are cute. :)

Sooo then Ashley attended a meet and greet kinda thing in Macys, NYC. Her choice of clothes was certainly interesting, but obviously, Ashley was wearing it. She could wear a sack and pull it off. I'm sure that lady's a fashion sorceress. Either that or she just suits EVERYTHING.

My friend Bret (go follow him on Twitter: @unite_and_fight), was a lucky bugger and got to meet her there! Making me highly envious of him of course. If someone's met Ashley, expect me to have at least a tiny grudge against them.. :P

Sehr jealous. That's all I'm saying. XD
I do have something else to say. Loving the lady photobombing in between Bret and Ashley.. XD

So most recently the new DKNY Fall pictures have been released, which are just as incredible as the rest of the pictures on this post.

Feast your eyes, but don't try to eat the computer.

I've seen DKNY clothes for myself many times now.
Theres a DKNY outlet at Bicester Village, theres DKNY in Harrods, and theres the DKNY store in London. In nearly every jewellery store, there are DKNY watches.

So this is my "experience" with DKNY:

Trying not to squee at the sight of Ashley in Harrods

Behind bars in the DKNY store!

The moment of panic when I see the store boarded up! Only for refurbishment!

The new shiny DKNY flag!
pretty stuff. I LOVE that skirt!
With Ashley herself on a staircase ;) Trying not to get in trouble :P

My shiny new DKNY bag from Bicester village! Took off the reduction labels so it looks like I paid $295, not £79! :)

And the bag it came in.. :P
So I hope you've enjoyed this wonderful journey through Ashley's time with DKNY. You better have enjoyed it, I'm meant to be sewing instead of typing! :)

Mini Alice xox