Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I have been contacted....

Yes. I've been contacted.

I was asleep in bed last night and a funny light lifted me from the house into their spaceship. Then they wiped my memory and took me back.

Nah, I'm not into that alien shit either.

In truthfulness, I was contacted, but not by a green person probing stuff into my mind or that shit.
sorry, I keep saying shit.

I was in fact contacted by the old fashioned method of postcard. Which I saw on Lorraine this morning, they're apparently dying out. Just for that, DAMN YOU SMARTPHONES! Otherwise, I love smartphones.

Who contacted me by postcard I hear you squeal?

Well squealy person, first of all, only piggies squeal.

Secondly, squealy person, I was contacted by none other than secondary female protagonist (or I think so anyway) of the Twilight saga, Alice Cullen.


I thought she was purely a fictional being.

Not according to this:

Seems legit ;)


Wow, I've never used that expression before. Well, theres a first time for everything.

Mini Alice xox

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