Monday, 13 August 2012

Cosplay Updates

Hey guys!

So it's getting slowly closer to ET8, ad I've been busy busy busy sewing. There's rarely a moment when I'm not sewing...except right now. I'm typing. I'm not Stitch, I don't have four arms :P

I've FINALLY finished my baseball costume. This would usually lead to "LETS DO SOME COSPLAY PICTURES QUICK! OUTSIDE! POSE! POSE!" but the sun makes me lazy (my new excuse for everything), and I just did one picture. No vampire make up.

Ta daaaahh!

I need a field or a forest to do some pictures in....unfortunately I don't have a place in mind that I could go to without being stared it. Shame.

Next I decided to work on my bridesmaid dress. First I was just going to paint the rest of the dress with the silver lines, but then I decided to replace ALL the ribbon trimming with some lace, as it's less subtle than the ribbon. I then decided that the lace was too thick and the trimming had to be a lot thinner in width, so I cut that too.

This is what it looked like with the ribbon:

And after looking at the real dress for a while, I decided it looked all wrong!

First, yup, I know, the dress is too pale and too pink, but theres nothing I can do! But colours aside, the trimming really isn't so prominent. It's just a little bit of trimming that isn't meant to be overly noticeable.

So now I've changed it and done this:

The trimming is the colour the dress should be ahahah, but anyway...ta daah! It looks so much better, there will be more lace lining the neckline. I've left some ribbon in there, but it's quite layered in that neckline. I still have the feathers to put on! :)

More updates soon :)

Mini Alice xoxo

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