Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What I'm Loving This Week.

Hey guyss!

I've decided to do a blogpost every week, just to highlight something I've been lovin' loads!

It could be ANYTHING, knowing me. A song, TV show, film, something Ashley wore, an animal, literally anything.

I'll post it up onto my Facebook page (Mini Alice's Cosplay Shennanigans) as well :)

I won't set a fixed day. Because that means almost definitely I won't stick to it. I'll try to do it once a week, yet this may also not happen. I either forget or just cannot stay committed. I suck.

This weeks lovin' is:

Fear by Pauley Perrette:

Yup. Most of you probably know I adore the actress Pauley Perrette. She plays the amazing Abby Sciuto in NCIS, and is generally an amazing role model. Her and Ashley together make one perfect idol to look up to.
This song brings back amazing memories of almost a year ago. I sang a cover of this song, put it onto Youtube and I had the AMAZING luck of Pauley herself seeing that video! On the 21st August, I had one of the biggest shocks of my life, looking at a text I had just recieved on Twitter.
The tweet read:

I don't think I was more overwhelmed in my life, until Ashley tweeted me.

What made Pauley's tweet more special was the fact that she doesn't reply to fans. Ever. She's not allowed. Yet she took the time to listen to me sing, and then tweet me? It's just amazing of her to do that.

So, that's the story behind this weeks lovin'. It's almost been a year since I got that tweet, so I guess thats why it's this week's. That and I just listened to it.

Until next time,

Mini Alice xo

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