Thursday, 1 December 2011

Art Mocks and Ashley's new love!


OK, today I've been doing my Art Mock Exam. Fun. ALL day in silence (no iPods. But you were allowed to eat). This is what I've done so far. I'm over half way done, so I can finish quickly tomorrow:

In other news... Ashley has a boyfriend! :D :D
Ages ago she was papped with a guy called Reeve Carney, who plays Spider-Man on Broadway. Nothing much was said about it, and Ashley had been saying she was single. She's not single anymore!!! :D
I saw people tweeting Ashley saying "Congratulations!" and similar things, and I saw Reeve's name mentioned. Before I just about flipped, thinking that they were going by rumours, I decided to check 247Greene...and there are pictures of them kissing! They're so cute together, I really hope it lasts <3

Until next time ;D

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