Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A little post about Mongrels

Now. This show is a thing of genius. A puppet show. On primetime TV. Amazing :')
It IS an adult show. It does have references to the big C word. But it's actually hilarious! And the characters are kinda relatable. Whether you're gangsta like Kali the pigeon, a bit thick like Marion the cat, a diva like Destiny the "Pedigree It-Bitch". Or maybe a mouthy whatsit like Vince ;D Or maybe, like me, sensible but accident-prone Nelson ;D
They always parody things in small cut scenes, like this example of Twilight:
This is also one of my favourite scenes, the Cute off! :P :

This is one of the many songs performed during Mongrels. Yes, the C word is what you think, but at least its beeped out :')

Anyways, I might post some more little things about TV shows that are worth watching :)

Au revoir <3

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