Friday, 25 November 2011

Breaking Dawn Premiere. The cold, crushing, and builders.


As promised, I'm going to tell the story of my adventure in London for the Breaking Dawn Premiere. Not being arrogant, but I need a freaking medal. And a freaking expensive one at that. EVERYONE who braved the cold (and risked their leg joints) deserve some kind of award. Especially those insane souls that decided to queue overnight. WITHOUT tents or even sleeping bags.

Warning: This story contains early mornings, cold, whinging, painful legs, and a lot of screaming. Oh, and some builders, but they're harmless.

We got up at 3am, then made our way to get a coach to Notting Hill Gate in London. From there, we got a tube to Stratford. I might add that this was the Central Line (the red line if you can't be bothered to read when looking at a tube map), and it was about 12 stops to Stratford from Notting Hill Gate.

Anyway, enough with travel details.

We wandered aimlessly around, with other lost souls looking for the queue to the premiere. You would have thought a queue of screaming girls would have been easy to find?! Think again.
In all fairness, the sign saying "Event Wristbands This Way", was a little skew-wiff, and lead everyone in the completely wrong direction. We eventually got to the queue, and within five minutes we were no longer at the back. We were far from the back after about half an hour.

After some waiting around in the cold, the queue moved forward. But then we were stationary again for about another half an hour.
After some more waiting around in the cold, the queue moved forward. But then we actually did get our wristbands at long last.
Here is a picture of me (looking rather rough, but give me some was about 6am), looking excited (but tired, as said), with my wristband. That wristband is still on my wrist now.
After this amazing milestone in the day, everyone was told to leave and to come back at three, when the pens (the place you stand for the actual premiere) would open. I immediately became suspicious, as up until then we'd known that the pens would open at 9am.
Nonetheless, we went for a walkies, got a bottle of coke and some crisps for breakfast (healthy sod I am), and then I tweeted, saying how I'd got my wristband etc.
I was then told via tweet that the pens WERE opening at 9, but seeing as it was about 7am, we decided to explore the largest shopping centre in Europe first. The first word that comes to mind when walking into this shopping centre is: Huge. Because simply, Westfield Stratford City is bloody enormous!
We had a wander, looking at the indoor part of the red carpet, with it's huge flowery archway and curtains everywhere. It was a sight to see. Very flowery.
We could also get a glimpse of the outside red carpet, which was empty due to the fact that no one was allowed in yet.
We then went back to the queue, and stood back in the queue. After a while, my Mum left me to hold our place while she got a coffee from McDonalds. She offered to get me chips but I politely declined. At nine, we were told that were weren't being let into pens until ten. Which was "fantastic" news. We battled for longer in the cold, until we were let into our pens. We managed to get a reasonable spot, behind some girls that gave us some dirty looks. This made us a little doubtful whether we'd actually get a good spot with them, as they kept telling each other loud enough, declaring that we'd steal their space and that they wouldn't let us to the front once a gate was closed, which would have enough space for me. Anyway, we did get talking later and they did let me go next to them in the front, which was good :)
I, being a dedicated fan (and protective of my space), my mum did all the collecting of food and drink. Though I did go for a bathroom break once, and it was very warm inside.
I got talking to two girls, and we talked all day :)
After a load of long hours, something brightened our so far extremely cold, painful and boring day. Some builders were waving at us from the window! We waved back, then he took a photo of us, so we took a photo of him! :P

After a sausage roll from Greggs (a gift sent from heaven <3 ), the wait continued. My friend Lucy called me, and we talked for a while, but the crowds were so loud that we couldn't hear each other properly! :P My Dad also called me too, telling me to keep warm and safe (Safe, yes. Warm, no.) I also want to mention someone who came around. A woman with LOADS of Twilight tattoos! Slightly strange but intrigued the impatient crowds! :P
Our pen was closed off by a gate, that when open from the other side of the fence, made a walkway to the other side of the red carpet. When this was closed would make room for more people to get to the front. My mum was on that gate, so she could get to the front and let me there. We also said we'd help the two girls we were talking to get to the front. The people in the pen next to us had other ideas. By closing that gate, it would connect our pen to theirs, and they decided that the gate was theres, even though it was on our side. They all said how they deserved it, yet we'd been there longer than us! (and we knew when to shut least we didn't yell "TEAM EDWARD!" at the top of our voices every five bloody minutes) My mum was aware of this, and when a girl asked the security guard to close their gate first (to push to the front, even though the gate was still on our side so it wouldn't work..), she had a go at them! Me and the two girls were "Team Holly's Mum" for the rest of the night. Proud moment for me ;D
Once the gate had closed, I got to the front but my two friend's didn't, because a girl from the other pen pushed in. I was literally standing on a diagonal because she pushed so much. My feet were about two metres to the left of my head!Caroline Flack had been walking past us for a while all day, which was pretty awesome. Then, she appeared on the screen! The screen had been playing the trailer for Breaking Dawn on a loop for about two hours. Even if you're obsessed, the Breaking Dawn trailer gets a bit repetitive and tedious after watching it on a loop. There wasn't even sound!
Caroline Flack and Nick Grimshaw did the live stream of the premiere, and the Soundtrack played all the way through, which was great.
After a bit of time killing, including the Breaking Dawn Trailer (during which I yelled TEAM ALICE! very proudly when Alice appeared), and the music videos of It Will Rain and A Thousand Years (Both of which I sang along to), Bill Condon (the director of Breaking Dawn, for those who aren't intellectual enough to know these things) came out onto the red carpet. The poor darling clearly wasn't used to the attention he was recieving, as he just stood there in a similar fashion to this! We couldn't help going "awwww" the whole time. He looked so lost! Wyck Godfrey (producer of all the films, for those who live under a rock), also came out, after I yelled "I LOVE WYCK GODFREY" a little too loud. Boy did I get some stares for that. :')
Excitement was rising. A lot. And I went from calm to hysterical at this exact moment. And I mean HYSTERICAL. From thinking "Meehhh Rob, Kristen, Taylor are alright I suppose", to "OH MY GOD I LOVE THEM!" in the space of about two miliseconds.
I also yelled "OH MY GOD! KRISTEN'S ACTUALLY WEARING A DRESS THAT I LIKE!" because to be honest, I've never been a huge fan of the dresses that Kristen selects, but this dress was amazing!
Before we got the holy trinity over to us, we were greeted by an array of many other celebrities, including Una from the Saturdays, Jensen Button, Tom and Danny from McFly, Holly Willoughby and Lizzie Pattinson! :)

As well as those, James and Ola Jordan walked straight past us! I realised, then yelled "IT'S JAMES AND OLA!", but it was too late! :P It was pretty funny.

Then, it was the big moment. All the Twilight stars were approaching. FREAK OUT TIME! First to wander over to us was the darling Jamie Campbell Bower (Caius). I loved him ever since I saw the first picture of him as Caius. He is just perfect. And his hair is pretty amazing. I met him at a Twilight Convention in February 2009, and I hugged him and he said my hat was lovely :') Made my life.
Back to the point. He was at the premiere! And the poor fellow had to endure me shrieking "JAMIE JAMIE!!! I LOVE YOU!!! TEAM CAIUS! TEAM CAIUS!" at him...but he should be used to it. He is an amazing human being. He said he was holding everyone up so he couldn't do photos, but the big trio hadn't come past yet, so he couldn't be that late? It was amazing to see him! :D

After Jamie's wonderful appearance came Miss Kristen Stewart! Now, I've never been a massive fan of Kristen, but my opinions changed quickly (well they'd already changed once I saw her walked out onto the red carpet but shhhh). Anyway, I suddenly had so much more confidence than I usually do at the Twilight Conventions, where there are much smaller stars from the films. Well, you don't get much bigger than Kristen, right? Well, height wise you do, because she is tiny, but she is the main protagonist in Twilight, so she is, technically, the biggest star. She signed my banner, and I said (not even screaming, I said it in a civilised voice, whereas I'd been hysterically screaming her name), "Oh, Kristen, I love your dress!"
NEVER in my life have I said that long a sentence to ANY Twilight star. Let alone a huge star like Kristen!
Now came the BEST feeling in the world. EVER. I made Kristen smile! She smiled at me and said "Thanks!" before moving on to other people. AMAZING!

Kristen smiling at me ! :D
After Kristen came MyAnna Buring, who plays Tanya. I also knew her from Dr Who Season 2. She played Scooti, who died very quickly :(
She was wearing a really nice red dress, and I said it to her like I did with Kristen. I got a bit more of a reaction, as she said "Aww, thank you so much!", but I think Kristen is quite shy, and she was FREEZING in that dress. Lucky for MyAnna, her dress had long sleeves.
Now for the hyper-hysterics. ROBERT PATTINSON AND TAYLOR LAUTNER APPROACHING! = Sore throat.I FREAKED at the sight of Taylor, then went even more FREAKED as I saw Rob behind him!!Rob came over to us first, and my main memory of him, is of him dropping his pen as he signed my banner! Adorable. We only got one picture, and it wasn't exactly high quality. :P
After screaming myself silly for Rob, Lautner was approaching. Now, I've never been Team Jacob. Not really a Taylor fan anyway, but I like fell in love when I saw him! :')
EVERYONE behind me wanted a better look at him (and wanted to use my head and shoulders to rest their things to be signed on. So I was just generally getting crushed by everyone from all directions, and Taylor did the simplest thing to make me feel better! He saw how crushed I was, and he smiled at me :') SMILED AT ME!

Anyways, yes. I have now made Kristen smile, Rob dropped his pen in front of me and Taylor smiled at me. :') Amazing!Once Taylor had gone in, everyone left, and my mum and I went to get dinner. Then it all hit me. I just met Rob, Kristen and Taylor. I started crying. So all in all, an AMAZING day<3 If you're prepared to battle cold and crushing, then I recommend premieres! :D


  1. You are so lucky! I'm going to London to the Breaking Dawn part 2 premiere this year. I'm coming from another country, so it's even more exciting. Do you have like any advice? Where is it best to stand, so that i can see them really close and maybe get them to sign my book or take a picture with them? I would be really grateful if you answered:)

  2. Hey there!
    To be honest, you can't pick your place to stand. To get a good place you need to go EARLY. Some people are going two days before and camping out. At this one, I'm going one day before. For BD1 I got there at 6am and managed to get a good place, but that was at the Westfield and that venue was HUGE. Most likely it'll be in Leicester Square, which is a lot smaller. And it's not guaranteed they'll come to you. At the Eclipse premiere, I really wanted to meet Ashley and her publicist took her away from where I was. It also depends on the actor and if they're running late. I didn't get pictures with them because they were rushed past me so quick.
    Hope I helped!
    Mini Alice xoxo

  3. Thank you so much for answering.:) I have a few more questions, haha is it ok? 1. Are each of them like going on the both sides, if you know what I mean? Like on the pictures there are two sides where fans are standing. 2. Where did people put their bags and stuff? I mean those who were camping out. Thank you! And sorry for my bad english:D