Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Soy trabajadora en los idiomas.

Hola amigos!

Trabajare mucho en mi colegio hoy! ;D

Today I actually worked pretty hard. :P
I had to finish my Romeo and Juliet/Past One At Rooney's essay in English, and I've now written ten and a half pages. We were supposed to write about 8 pages. So I'm over :P
After lunch I also had to do my Spanish speaking assessment. This also went alright, I got stuttery at the end but who doesn't ;P
Then I had German (two lingos in one day. I normally have this on Wednesday anyhoo). I always work hard in that though ^^

Tomorrow the teachers are striking, so we are having a day off school. I shall do the following.
1. Sleep
2. Get up and watch Jezza Kyle and This Morning.
3. Maybe sleep some more.
4. Write fanfics and shizz.
5. Go on the computer and stay on all day ;D
6. Prepare for my Art mock exam the next day.

Day well spent ;D

It is 16 days until 100 Monkeys! I sooooo can't wait! <3 Jackson Rathbone = Unofficial husband :')


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