Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Oh My God The Wings On Fire, Oh My God this Sucker's Gonna Hit the Ground!

...we're goin' down ;)

This is my post about the amazing experience I had on the 15th December, 2011.
I realised that I didn't actually post this... :)
I was most of the way through my Trial Exam week at school, and on the Tuesday, I had joined the VIP fanclub for 100 Monkeys, to be in with a chance of getting a Meet and Greet with my favourite band.
On Thursday I got up for school to do my German trial Exam at 11:40. I tweeted a friend about last night's 100 Monkeys gig, and she replied telling me that I had won a Meet and Greet! :)

After my exam, I caught the bus to the town my mum works in, and we got a train to London Marylebone. After this, we got an underground train to Angel, the stop for the o2 Islington Academy. After wandering around for ages trying to find the bloody place, we did find it. We walked past the tour bus, and I might have seen Ben J hanging around, but I'm not sure.

We queued up for the Meet and Greet, not quite sunk in yet, and saw my friend Becky. We talked for a bit, then her and my other friend Emily went to shop around the Angel Shopping Centre. After a while, we got taken up to queue outside the Meet and Greet room. THEN, it got terrifying.
The meet&greets are pretty quick, but it seemed to take forever. I wanted to go in, and in a way to get it over with. I was getting so nervous. This was nothing like a photoshoot/getting an autograph at a Twilight Convention, but it would have been worse if the people in the queue were watching.
I was freaking out, big time. So much so, that people were giving me weird looks. HOW were people being so calm about it?! People were walking out as if they'd met up with their family or something, totally calm and coordinated.
My mum made the mistake of saying "I can see one, it's the one with the floppy hair." That got me freaked even more, and I almost screamed "IT'S BEN G!" Then I went even MORE mental when I saw a certain someone in an AMAZING Top Hat... (if you really haven't guessed, the certain someone in an AMAZING Top Hat was Jackson Rathbone!!)
I was standing there going "Oh my god..oh my god.." for ages, I was so nervous.
Then the moment came. The people before me came out..and we had to go in. I felt as if I was going to pass out, and my mum thought I was going to burst into tears.
It's the most scary thing EVER. A rather large room, you, your guest (my mum :P ), the band, and about three of their staff..and the band all watch you as you walk in...so scary!
They were all really nice. I was kinda staring at the floor, looking up quickly, seeing Jackson SMILING at me, and all the others, freaking out and mumbling "Hey" and "I'm good" as they asked how I was. Ben G said "How's it goin'?" to which I replied. "..good" in a teeny voice XD
Now as I'm writing the rest of this post about two months after it happened, I can't remember everything in chronological order.
Jackson shook my hand and asked my name and (whilst I nearly died), I shakily told him. I then gave my CD to Ben J to sign, while my mum gave Jerad the Lindt Reindeers and Santa, there was one for each of them :D
I gave Jackson the flying monkey, and he went on to fling it at Ben G, he seemed pretty impressed ;)
I managed to actually talk, telling Ben G about my darling friend Louise who LOVES him. He said for me to give her a hug from him, and so he grabbed me up in a huge bear hug as well as one for me! :) Then my mum hinted "Do you want to hug anyone else?", and the obvious answer was "YES!!"
I did this in a very orderly fashion, by going down the line of them to hug them all. Jerad clearly wasn't listening, as he looked at me as if to say "and you want me why?", until I held my arms out. I was about to compliment Jerad on his EPIC hair...but then thanks to the Texan beauty beside him, I got a little sidetracked.
As soon as I went to hug him he said, "Hugathon 2011! Who won?" and Ben J replied "Me!"

Jackson is one hell of a good hugger.

After hugging Uncle Larry, we had our photo (which I regrettedly didn't put my arm around Uncle Larry... that's Jackson's fault for distracting me!!!), which turned out like this:
And here are some pictures of the AMAZING show!! It was absolutely aravhadflkgjadhflkgjh amazing!

Here are some videos from the show, they're not great but.. XD

And lo siento for it being so tarde!

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