Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Mini Alice's Missions!

Hello! :)

I'm making this a new thing. I'm making "missions" :D

These are my two missions so far.

Mission 1: To alter a dress to make it like Alice's bridesmaid dress.
Progress: I now have a dress. I've got to make it a darker lilac (despite the fact it's dry clean only! ARGH!), add some lacey stuff and ribbons, silver paint and ostrich feathers. All this before October. Hopefully, that's doable.

Mission 2: To read all three Hunger Games Books by the time the film comes out.
Progress: I've started Re-reading the first one already, but I want to have read all the books before the first film. This will be difficult, but I'll be happy to have just read the first two before the film :)

Pics of the dress soooon!

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