Thursday, 15 March 2012

Breaking Dawn on DVD!


This Monday, I got my copy of Breaking Dawn Part 1 on DVD! YAAAAYYYYY!!!

So yeh...amazing :')

Some favourite Jalice moments:

Wedding prep scene: Oh Alice is just so darn cute! Her horrified "Absolutely NOT!" as Bella asks to go barefoot, and her "Does no one have vision?!" in response to her family's lack of know-how when it comes to wedding planning. All I can say through this scene is "awwww!"

Bella's Make Up Scene: Alice clearly comes into her own at the excitement of making Bella up for her wedding. Everyone looks at her like she's a bit of a biatch when she says "No smudging my masterpiece!" but I'm sure she didn't want her hard work wasted :)

Alice and Jasper at the wedding. Alice's dress, Alice's speech, Jasper's smile, Jasper's little "keep it clean" expression as the newlyweds drove away...ahh it's just perfect!

Alice and Jasper staying together when Jacob first visits Bella. Alice's little face as Bella asks Rosalie to help her up is just...aww it's so cute and sad :( I liked how Alice says "The FETUS isn't good for Bella," it was just like... TEAM ALICE! Dude she's not thick. She's not going to agree with Bella just because she's her best friend. It kinda pisses me off that Bella decides that Rosalie's so awesome because she won't let Carlisle/Edward get rid of the baby. Everyone darn knows what blondie wants. Blondie never had babies...blondie wants baby. Jasper's little manoevure (I can't spell) behind Alice to back her up is just adorbs.
Research: Shows that Alice still does care about Bella. But it's just so cute, how Jasper's standing by her side as usual <3 Though I don't see how it would have been so dreadful if Jalice were doing their research while Alice was snuggling on Jasper's knee. Maybe they filmed that but edited it out? I hope so.

Bella's first blood: Even Alice is sporting the typical "Jasper" hungry face. Jasper's face of "WHAT THE FRICK!?!?!?!!?" when Carlisle says that Bella can have the O Positive.... oh dear it's so cute! Emmett looks like he's about to burst into tears, but Jasper looks beyong crying, he looks like someone's told him that Alice has had an affair with Seth Clearwater and so she's going to move to La Push. (Please note that I don't actually want this to happen). and Alice's little "Walk with me?" is the awwwww soooooo cute!!! I melt when I see that bit, even though Jasper's like "Ermm no, I'd rather leap and snatch that blood than go for a walk." but then sees sense...I mean who'd want to see disappointment on Alice's face? <3

Pre-birth scene and Birth scene: Even though I ALWAYS hide behind a pillow at the birth scene and Bella's back breaking, I always do manage to peek at the screen to see Alice. Her speechless scene with Bella and Rosalie just before the birth is so cute... she's sort of smiling! Maybe it's because Rosalie's allowed her into the five metre radius from Bella that she'd blocked most of the family out of. As you can tell, I'm far from Rosalie's number one fan.

Wolves v Cullens: Now why, Edward? Why in the HELL did you pick the tiniest, cutest and frankly best Cullen of the lot to fight? And "I won't let them hurt my family." Jalice aren't family now? Otherwise you'd fight the wolves alone! Jeez...
Anyways, Alice kicks butt....until she leaps, then she's taken down and I hide in terror. When I saw the clip before I saw it, I thought they'd put a surprise little twist in the film! I thought they'd bloody killed Alice off for fun! But thank God. They didn't ;)
I HATE it when she's under that wolf, pushing it's face away from hers so it doesn't gnaw her face off...oh jeez even now, after the 124285349857th viewing I still get scared! In case for some reason theres a hidden alternate ending that will suddenly play... ugh. If Alice died, Jasper would bloody well chuck himself into a wolf's mouth!
Bella's transformation: A teeny little glimpse of Jalice, which I call the "Oh shit her heart stopped" face, even though she looks like "YAY" more than "Shit!" so yeh... :P

Sooooo yes that's it until Breaking Dawn Part 2, and I really hope that Rosenberg has been GOOD and has added in some cute little cut-scenes of Alice and Jasper on their travels to find Nahuel...what really would be cool (but what won't happen most likely) is them showing maybe Alice's vision of Aro snatching her and taking her to be a contacts...costume like Janes...would be AMAZING! But that's a dream :( I heard a rumour about them showing Alice's vision, but the huge fight against the Volturi. I know that she had a vision of all her family being killed, which I think has been filmed. Seeing all the Cullens killed will be horrible!!! BUT...interesting maybe? Alice won't be killed, Aro wants her. Jasper, probably he'd be top of the list so Alice would have more of a reason to join them...but then she'd avenge Jasper's death on Aro or Felix or whoever... okay I'm rambling :)

My videos about Breaking Dawn:

and now I leave you...with a smiley wolf :)

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