Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What I'm lovin' this week.

Hey awesomers!

I've given the blog a bit of a makeover :)

What I am LOVING this week are as follows:

The Hunger Games.
I've loved this a while but it's finally this week! SO EXCITING! I've been watching all the clips, and I watched an interview with Amandla Stenburg, the adorable girl that plays Rue <3
Here's the Trailer, some clips and the interview with Amandla

Isn't she just adorable? I love Rue, she's a little sweetie, and I think they've picked the right girl for the role! :)

Spanish Music
For my Spanish Homework I've had to research Spanish Music. And it's AWESOME! I love Alex Ubago, he seems to me like a Spanish version of Ed Sheeran (but Alex isn't ginger). I like his song Sabes. It's cool :)
I also really like Enrique Iglesias' songs when they're in Spanish, they sound so much better than the English versions! Dimelo porque estas, fuera de mi... :)

Have a listen!

Fantastico ;)

Love you guys!

Mini Alice <3

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