Saturday, 14 April 2012

I'm a blog neglecter...

Is neglecter a word? Probably not.


Hola, hello, ciao, hallo, bonjour, ni hao, konichiwa... :)

I'm well into painting my Alice dress...

Well that sums that up :P

I went to my Dads... not such a successful stay as my Dad collapsed and had a heart attack. But here's a picture of my Nan's dog.

I like to switch between styles. Here's me looking gothy.

Ashley is taking over the world. Here is her in the DKNY store...

In the Harrods store (with me)

And in a jewellery store (this picture is pretty much in EVERY jewellery store!)

This girl is starting world domination...and I'M LOVING IT! XD

Everytime I walk past a jewellery store with her in...I say "there's my girl!" so if you ever go shopping with me...that's why I say it.

I've been editing some Ashley photos...

So I put a few in a gif.

When I edit photos, I put them on my tumblr.

My tumblr:

Ciao! <3

Mini Alice xoxo

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