Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hey, you. Your name's John Proctor? Lennie Small? Reverend Parris? Curley's Wife? Come here so I can BURN YOU!

The title is rather aggressive. I know.

So, lets catch up. I was going to do a blogpost on Saturday but blogger was being an arse, and I didn't have time on Sunday and I was too busy dying of exam-fever yesterday.

"So what interesting has happened in your life, Mini Alice?" I hear you ask.

Well, random voice. I have done many a thing.

My exam period is well underway. I had my last day of school on Friday, and so far I've had my RS, Biology, Spanish listening and today,English Lit. Hence my hatred from all Crucible and Of Mice and Men characters.

I spontaneously Abby-ed up, as you can see below.

Me and my bud Jade are preparing to make our second movie:

And I rode on a broom:

More about that in my next post ;D

Mini Alice xoxo

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