Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Hey there!

This is my quick post to force you all to go to the cinema right now, go to the ticket desk and say "Hey, one (or however many tickets you need) for Snow White and The Huntsman please!"


Kristen Stewart. Oh my God. I love that girl. Maybe not as much as Ashley. But I wub her. <3

She has the most PERFECT English accent I've heard an American person do. And being English, I would know. And being a Twilight fan, I'm probably biased. But shh.

This film has made me so thrilled that I've decided to attempt to cosplay as Snow White!


I want to meet Kristen again. I really do. Soy desperado! But given the choice, obviously I'd pick Ashley...simply because I've met Kristen already :)

Envy all you like, Ladies and Gentlemen...that indeed is Kristen. And you know what's more? That smile (her face isn't distorted in real life. My mum took this photo, and at a premiere things are very pushy shovey, so that is the explanation) is aimed at me. ME! She didn't say ANYTHING or smile at ANYONE else! Because they were screaming inaudibly and so she probably thought it was best not to break them into further hysteria. But I, out of nowhere, plucked up the courage to say "Kristen, I love your dress!", which at the time, was the longest sentence I'd ever strung together to say to a Twilight star. Let alone KRISTEN BLEEDIN' STEWART! In reply to my compliment, she smiled at me and thanked me....and I nearly died. :)

Anyway, I'll treasure this memory for ever and ever and ever <3 and will hopefully meet her again! And Ashley...I can't ever forget my Ashley.


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  1. i would use this as a base pattern as it is the closet pattern to the dress:
    hope this helps. hugs!!!! ;)