Sunday, 24 June 2012

Ashley Greene Video Project - I NEED YOU!

Hey guys!
So this is the plan.

I want to make a video for Ashley to show her we always support her, but to also thank her for everything she's done for us. For me, she's absolutely changed my life. I love her to bits, she's given me confidence and I know she's done the same for so many.

That's where you guys come in.

I want you Ashers to get involved with this to make it AMAZING and so special for her.

What you can do:

- Make a video message for Ashley, saying how she's affected you or how much she means to you. (Don't make it too long, aim for about 20 seconds, but I'll give some leeway. Please, don't use your video to ask her to visit your country, or to follow you on Twitter. Anything like that I will not allow in the video)
- If you'd prefer, send me a picture of yourself, either holding a sign for Ashley or give me a message with the photo that I can put on the video. I'll make sure the picture is shown for at least 10 seconds so the message is readable.
- Any fan art you'd like her to see, drawings, anything.
- With all submissions I'd like you to provide your name and/or Twitter name.

If you have any other suggestions for the video, please do let me know! I want this to be epic :D

Please help give this project as much awareness as possible!
- I will send the link to this page to as many Ashers on Twitter I can. If I give you this link, it would be great if you sent this on to as many people as you like, that you think would be interested in taking part :)
- Once I have completed and uploaded the video, we want Ashley to see it, right?! I will distribute the link to the video, and I'm counting on you guys to help try and get Ashley to watch it! :) But please, for Ashley's own sanity, don't send duplicate tweets. That's spam.
- It would be amazing if we could get some of Ashley's friends involved, BUT please don't pester them, especially if they say no. It's not fair on them - they don't have to!

I'm not setting an exact submission closing date, as it's kind of open-ended. Once I have enough submissions to make a long enough video I'll set a deadline for final submissions to be sent.

Please send all submissions to:

Thank you, and I hope this goes well! :)

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