Sunday, 29 July 2012

Collectormania 18

Hello my darlings!

So, I've decided to do a round up of cool things I have got up to since leaving my blog for too long.

This post is about Collectormania 18.

Collectormania is probably one of the closest conventions to me, as it's nearish to Aylesbury and I'm also nearish to Aylesbury. Glad we got that out of the way.

Anyway, the original plan was to only go to Collectormania for the Sunday, but us being awesome we went down for both. That was because my friend Izzy was boogying on over to MK on the Saturday, so I purposely booked my photoshoot with Amandla Stenburg (Rue from the Hunger Games, and the darn cutest kid ever) on the Saturday for an excuse to go see McFizz.

So we ambled over to MK in our car, and our first obstacle was to find a parking space. Let me just point out that the MK Dons Stadium usually has convenient spacious parking. I say usually because the buggers decided to DIG UP HALF THE CAR PARK that weekend. Thanks MK peoples. We really love you.
After gallivanting over to Asda next door, where we naughtily parked our car (them folk don't seem to like us convention goers on their lan'), we had a parking space for the next 2 or 3 hours before we'd have to move.

Is it weird that on a weapons stall, with guns and that stuff, I bought Alice's breaking dawn necklace? I think it's hilarious.

After walking around and around and around and around and around that bloody arena (honestly, there's not much else to do except get yourself killed in the dealers room from the crowding), we met up with McFizz for a bit, and then got McDonalds. Not with McFizz, we just went to get lunch after a quick natter.
We went to move the car to the Ikea car park, then went on over to get my pic with Amandla. Fair to say I looked like an idiot when telling her she's cute.

After all that excitement, we drove (and very quickly got lost in the Milton Keyneian roads) to the Shopping Centre to go see my darling girl Ashley Greene in her film "LOL" also starring Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore and this gorgeous dude by the name of Douglas Booth. And the guy that plays Ashley's (Ashley's character name is Ashley...AHAHAHAHH) boyfriend. But he's not very attractive. And he calls everyone a ho, whore and slut. So he's just not very nice.

After that brief and probably inaccurate account of the first day (well, I am listening to Rathbone singing, and his voice does make me doolally), here are some photos:

Rockin' my Breaking Dawn an outfit from Twilight.. :P

Myself and THE Izzel McFizzel

Chief Swan? You there?

At the Odeon... joining my Ice Age buddies.

Looking excessively pleased with myself standing by the LOL poster.. :)

Myself and the adorable Amandla Stenburg :')

Sunday I met Hannah Spearitt and Andrew Lee Potts. Both were really nice, despite seeing them for like a couple seconds for a photo! Andrew was wearing a trilby (drool), and Hannah's hair looked really nice! I also met Natalia Tena, who plays Tonks in Harry Potter, for a photoshoot. I met her last year at LFCC but didn't get a photo, but I decided to get one this time. She always has nice conversations with everyone, and she sure did love Bert the Hippo (I was dressed as Abby this time!). In her words, "It's all about the fucking hippo" ;)

The rest of the day was spent wandering around the stadium, meeting other cosplayers and stalking the beautiful Brandon Routh. We had no idea who he was...but he was hot.. ahahah XD

With an AMAZING Connor Temple Cosplayer!

Cap'n Jack! :)

Natalia Loving Bert :P

Me and Hannah and Andrew (I think Hannah's a bit amused by the freak next to her.. :P )

Abby Sciuto in Asda...completely normal, right?

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