Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Cosplay - ET8 plans

Hey guys!

This is my post just to let you know what cosplays I'm planning to do for ET8! ;D

So, here's the plan.

Friday Daytime - Alice Cullen - New Moon, Birthday Party
 I want to do this one, just because all except ET6, I have worn this dress on the Friday. I have other plans for the party, so I'll be wandering around the hotel in this dress pretty much as soon as I arrive, and then for the opening ceremony. I love this outfit, it's just the dress, necklace and shoes, then done! But I have no idea if the shoes are accurate, they're just small heels. :)

Friday night - Alice Cullen, Breaking Dawn Part 1 Promo

I have no pictures of this outfit as of yet. I was going to do Breaking Dawn Part 2 as the rest of the Cullens were doing this, but annoyingly I've been unable to find a leather jacket similar to Alice's. I've decided to do Breaking Dawn Part 1 as that will fit in anyway, and it is easier to do. I couldn't find a cardigan similar enough to the D&G one, so I've got a jumper, and I'm going to add the ribbon trimming and the buttons to make it similar. I already own a similar skirt and tights. As for the shoes, I'll probably go with my small black heels.

Saturday/Sunday Daytime

I haven't decided on what I'm doing what day for the daytimes, but  I'll definitely be doing the following!

Alice Cullen - New Moon Blue Coat
I just LOVE this outfit.It's one of my favourite outfits! :) It's probably one of the most recogniseable but also most expensive costumes I have. It cost a lot to have the coat custom made, and the gloves and scarf were reasonably pricey. The scarf even had a customs charge on it! I'll probably, hopefully be having photoshoots on both days so I shouldn't have to pick my favourite outfit to have photos in (but it'll most likely be baseball!)

Twilight baseball 
 This has always been one of the top things on my cosplay wish list. It's just such an iconic Alice costume. And FINALLY I'm going to do it! :D This is is so far, just the jersey is being done so far. I have the cap and socks at home, and my friend is very kindly selling me her baseball undershirt! So exciting :D

 New Moon Volterra.
This is literally going to be a change in and out five second cosplay. Don't get too excited ;D For my photo with Daniel Cudmore, and any other Volturi member that attends, I shall be wearing this for that. That is all. :P

Saturday Night - Alice Cullen, Breaking Dawn Wedding
I'm so excited about this one! :) I'm nearly done making this, and I'm going to be doing this with the other Cullens on Saturday night :) There'll be two Alices...double the awesome ;)

Sunday Night - Ashley Greene, MTV Movie Awards 2009
 The time has finally come! I'm finally cosplaying as Ashley Greene herself! :) I'm doing this along with my friends Sam and Gemma who will be dressing as Rob and Kristen, and hopefully Paul will be Kellan! :D

This is pretty much definite...so YAY! Can't wait for the themes, the tickets to be sent and for the schedule! eeepp!

Mini Alice xoxo

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